The following activities are organised in all the country either in ECK Center or in public locations for people who want to be informed on the spiritual teachings of the Light and Sound of God.

• Introductory Talk:  The topic chosen beforehand is discussed during 20 minutes by two (2) members of Eckankar. This is followed by a presentation of two Eckankar books followed by Questions and Answers.  

• Information session focussing on Spiritual Discussion or Workshop

It focusses on a spiritual topic. During those sessions ECK members listen to non-members sharing spiritual experiences with others.

• Community HU Song

The HU Song is a gathering of   people who want to sing the ancient love song to God, the HU. It aims at promoting the spiritual unfoldment of participants. The HU song is followed by a brotherhood get together during which non-members can share their concerns. HU is the basic spiritual exercise of ECKANKAR. A spiritual exercise is a daily practice of spiritual techniques to get in touch with the Light and Sound of God.

• Special program for newcomers (non-members):

Special activities are organized in all ECK centers every Sunday for non-members interested in the teachings of ECKANKAR.

• ECK Worship Service

The ECK Worship Service is an activity consisting of a reading, a HU Chant and discussion on the theme of the session. In Abidjan, ECK Worship Services are organised every first Sunday of each month at Palmeraie ECK Centre.   .

• Discussion classes are open to the public

These discussion classes are on a book for Eckankar non-members.

• ECK Seminar

ECK Seminar is a public event during which ECK principles are discussed through talks, workshops, roundtables, poems and creative arts. It’s a special opportunity for exchanging spiritual experiences.   ECKANKAR – Cote d’Ivoire organises each year in March an ECK regional Seminar.

• Permanencies

 Permanence is an activity during which ECK books are at available to non-members to consult on the spot.  There is also the possibility to discuss with Eckankar members present.

• Books and ECK Material

Sri Harold Klemp wrote many books to help Truth seekers develop a stronger relationship with God.  ECKANKAR-Cote d’Ivoire puts these inspiring books are made available to interested people who wish to get a closer relationship with God.

• ECK Ceremonies

Members of the ECK Clergy celebrate on request, the Four (4) ECK Celebrations of Life for ECK members and for ECK non-members.  These Four Celebrations are:

The ECK Consecration Ceremony: Children 0-12 years
- The ECK Rite of Passage: Teenagers 13-21 years
- The ECK Wedding Ceremony (for those who are legally married)
- The Office of Remembrance ECK (for those who have passed away, dead)
Interested persons or their parents should contact a member of the ECK clergy.